Graft is the System? Or is the System Changing?

Graft is the System? Or is the System Changing?

The New York Times has a piece on corruption in Nigeria.  While to many this is hardly a surprise, it begs the question of why the NYT is focusing solely on Nigerian graft when similar systems are in place in China, one of the United States’ largest overseas trading partners.  If American businesses are willing to move their factories wholesale over to a country with no privatization and an autocratic regime, why not try to work in a democratic environment that’s still working through the growing pains of it’s old Military Junta only a decade ago?  If you really want to look into it, the EU suffered from an estimated 120 billion Euros lost to corruption in 2013 alone.

In short, read the article, but remember that graft is a large part of many areas of the global economy, and it surely isn’t just a Nigerian issue.


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