This Nigerian Lady Really Made Us Proud In America

“Nigerians usually excel outside the country but find it difficult to even get ahead at home, this is one example. The United States First Lady Michelle Obama joins other dignitaries to celebrate Merrilyn Akpapuna, a Nigerian girl that emerged best graduating student at the Dillard University, New Orleans. Like a giant masquerade in the market place, all eyes were on 20-year-old Merrilyn Akpapuna, recently at the Dillard University, New Orleans, United States. The Psychology graduate not only obtained the highest academic honour Summa Cum Laude (first class), she also emerged the best graduating student in the ivory tower. As the institution’s valedictorian, she was on the same podium with the wife of the President, Michelle Obama, during its convocation.

Interestingly, three other Nigerians joined Akpapuna in the league of the best graduating students at the university. The three salutatorians are Victor Ogburie, Stephen Igwe, and Emole Anyadimgba. They also made a first…

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