Nigeria: Smile launches 4G service in Abuja

Smile-communicationsSmile Communications, one of Nigeria’s newest internet service providers has launched its 4G LTE broadband internet service in Abuja. This came barely one year after the company came into the market in 2013 at Ibadan and a few months later in Lagos.

The company said company said the Abuja roll-out is coming after more than three years of extensive testing and development.

Tom Allen, Smile Group’s Chief Operating Officer , stated that: “Abuja is very strategic in the company’s growth, and Smile has taken its time to ensure the service is at its best in the capital city. Our vision of becoming the broadband internet provider of choice in Nigeria has guided us in everything from selecting our people and partners to developing relevant products and services. We are confident and excited, and we are ready to share the promise of digital citizenship with Abuja residents and millions of Nigerians.”

According to Allen, Smile customers are already experiencing global standard speed and quality; however, with the implementation of 4G technology, these customers can experience speeds over 20Mbps.

Allen noted that key driver for Smile’s operation is to create a memorable experience for the customers.


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